Gel Coat Labs


Gel Coat Labs

Many top of the line boat manufactures around the world use Four Star products as their choice to finish and protect the vessel before it ships. These same products are now available to you the boat enthusiast in the Four Star Products Gel Coat Labs line.

Four Star Products intent, design, and development of the Gel Coat Labs line was and continues to be centered on individuals who will accept nothing less than the very best products to achieve the ultimate results and finish requirements of their vessel.

When starting and doing a project (i.e. looking to achieve the ultimate visible vessel finish), Four Star Products is inclined to make sure that if you should have any questions concerning the use of the Gel Coat Labs Marine Line of products we have a resource where this can be answered. is that source both for email and consultation during or after business hours if needed.

  • Tip: If the vessel has progressed to the point that sanding may be required before starting to finish, please consult by phone or email and ask about procedures we recommend.