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Four Star Ultimate Detailing Clay  (200 gram)

Four Star Ultimate Detailing Clay (200 gram)

Item #FS-UDC200

Ultimate Detailing Clay is the fast, easily and effectively way to remove stubborn environmental contaminants, like tar, bugs, factory fallout, paint over spray and brake dust for a mirror-smooth finish!

Regardless of the regular care you give your car, paint finish contamination is inevitable. Washing along is not enough to remove bonded contamination. Many forms of contamination bond instantly.

Some contaminants, like road tar, bug remains and paint over spray are easily visible. Pollutants from factories, acid rain, brake dusk or rail dust cannot be seen, but are detectable by feel. Unfortunately, waxes and paint sealants cannot prevent contamination from bonding. The only recourse is to remove the contamination regularly, before it begins to oxidize and damage your car's paint finish.

Four Star Ultimate Detailing Clay is the best tool available to remove all forms of bonded contamination. Four Star Ultimate Detailing Clay is a non-abrasive product, safe for all paint, glass, chrome and fiberglass finishes. It loosens and safely removes all forms of dirt, grime and contaminants like magic.

Four Star Ultimate Detailing Clay is intended for use as directed with Four Star Ultimate Clay Lubricant. Proper lubrication is essential. When used as directed, you will feel the clay “grab” and remove contamination. When the surface is clean, the clay will glide easily. Use a clean, dry microfiber towel to wipe away the clay lubricant and reveal an ultra-smooth, perfectly clean finish!

Contains two 100 gram bars with a flip-top container.

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