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Four Star Ultimate Paint Protection

Four Star Ultimate Paint Protection

Item #FS-UPP16PC

Boosted With Polycharger™

Finally, a synthetic paint sealant that offers the dark, wet-looking, high-gloss shine of the very best Carnauba wax, plus months of protection! Now Boosted With Polycharger™!

Pure carnauba paste wax has long been the choice of Concours winners. The reason is simple: A quality carnauba wax creates a wet-looking, deep, dark finish.

Four Star Ultimate Paint Protection delivers months of protection and a deep, dark, wet-looking, high-gloss shimmer that's unmatched by other synthetic polymer sealants. Four Star makes paint care products for OEMs, but saves their latest technology for their house brand. Years of research and testing stand behind each bottle, truly making it worthy of the label "Ultimate Paint Protection!"

Four Star Ultimate Paint Protection's superior protection formula repels pollution, road salts, hard water deposits, and paint overspray. It protects for months, not weeks, and produces a stunning finish on all colors. It produces a carnauba show car wax look with longevity, durability, protection and slickness carnauba waxes can only dream about.

Just a few drops of Four Star Ultimate Paint Protection is all it takes to produce a show car shine that withstands the elements, including ultraviolet radiation from the sun. Four Star Ultimate Paint Protection is like body armor for your vehicle's paint. Plus, it applies much faster and easier than carnauba waxes.

This is the same professional grade sealant new vehicle dealers sell for $300 to $600! It is no exaggeration to say that Four Star Ultimate Paint Protection is an exceptional value that will help maintain the value of your vehicle!

16 oz. bottle

Made in the USA

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