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Four Star Ultimate Pre-Wax Cleanser

Four Star Ultimate Pre-Wax Cleanser

Item #FS-UPWC16

Cleans and polishes to a deep, lustrous, squeaky-clean shine!

Ultimate Pre-Wax Cleanser is the perfect solution for maintaining a new and like-new paint finish. This non-abrasive polish formula enhances shine and preserves your vehicles finish by deep cleaning to remove embedded dirt and old wax. It cleans deep into the pores of your car's paint, improving the clarity of the vehicle finish for a radiant finish.

Ultimate Pre-Wax Cleanser keeps the swirls away, too. Regular use of Ultimate Pre-Wax Cleanser minimizes swirls and fine scratches, making them disappear.

After polishing with Ultimate Pre-Wax Cleanser , your vehicle paint finish will be squeaky clean and smooth-as-glass. It's the best possible surface for applying Ultimate Paint Protection.
Wipe off residue with a clean microfiber cloth

16 oz.
Made in the USA

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