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Four Star Ultimate Vinyl Protectant Spray

Four Star Ultimate Vinyl Protectant Spray

Item #FS-UVPS18

Boosted With Polycharger™

FOUR STAR ULTIMATE VINYL PROTECTANT SPRAY is specially formulated using Polcharger™ polymers. Beautifies and protects vinyl and plastic from harmful ozone and UV rays which are known to cause premature fading and cracking. This non-greasy and safe formula contains no petroleum distillates which dry and destroy vinyl and plastics. Contains No Petroleum Distillates.

  • Leaves a Non-Greasy Satin Finish
  • Extreme UV Protection
  • For use on Vinyl and Plastic

    Directions for use:Shake well before using. Make sure surface is dry, clean and free of contamination. Spray a light mist on a clean dry cloth or microfiber applicator or directly on the surface to be treated. Gently rub using a circular motion. Allow to penetrate a minute or two and wipe off excess using a clean dry microfiber towel.

    18 oz. bottle

    Made in the USA

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