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Professional Marine Series

Professional Marine Series

Let us start by asking the hard questions first so things get easier as we progress. The hard questions will be this, what are the finish requirements, what is the time line, what are the cost parameters, and labor hours used to get to this point. Watercraft in and of themselves being considered a luxury item carry some distinct requirements with them. The actual finish of the product must be superior because it being a pleasure craft it is a high visibility item. The traditional standard of a good finish is to walk at arms length from the craft, and if it looks well it is an acceptable finish. We at Four Star Products have taken this to the next level and in so doing we have stayed well within the cost, time line, and superior finish requirements and guidelines. These products contain no fillers and are formulated to withstand the harsh outdoor environment that the vessel is usually subjected to. Having spent hard earned money for our watercraft we rightfully have the expectation for it to look and perform its very best. The products that Four Star Products offers for the marine industry not only answer the finish requirement expectation, but exceed it. Our products are currently in use by many large OEM manufactures. The OEM line of products includes compounds, cleaners, waxes, and of course all come with performance money back guarantee. The question that has been asked from time to time "are these products for the professional only"? No, although the original design and development was and is centered around the OEM market and professional user this does not rule out the fact that someone having the same equipment and following the procedures and steps written on the label will achieve the same dazzling results as the professional.

Four Star offers an entire collection of surface-friendly products that clean, polish and protect all automotive surfaces for simple, total car care. Four Star Ultimate’s proprietary formulas shield vehicle’s paint from environmental pollution, hard water, acid rain, salt, and UV rays. The slick, shiny finish lasts for a season through numerous washes.
Sonus has been producing premium auto detailing products for discerning car owners since 2001. Sonus has a product for every purpose. Each product has been formulated for a specialized auto detailing purpose, with a specific surface in mind.
Ultima professional strength products clean, polish, protect and restore. Ultima products are concentrated formulas that literally give your vehicle that professional detail look that can last a full season, in a fraction of the time. Ultima products are ecofriendly, made in the USA and boosted by PolyCharger®, giving each product the resilience to last a season with minimal maintenance.
Four Star Products intent, design, and development of the Gel Coat Labs line was and continues to be centered on individuals who will accept nothing less than the very best products to achieve the ultimate results and finish requirements of their vessel.