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Authorized Representative FAQ

Bring your interest and passion for cars, boats, motorcycles, aircraft and more to the next level. Create a lifestyle with independence, flexible hours and financial freedom for years to come.
Premium Finish Care changes everything except you.  All you need is a passion, sales skills and a professional approach.  Be yourself!
The following questions and answers will help you better understand our program.  Do you have more questions?  Please contact us!

Q1. What is my responsibility?
A1. Your focus is on growing your local customer base and bringing in orders.  We do the rest.  You or your customer will enter your orders online and submit them for processing.  Everything else is fully automated and we take it from there. 

Q2. How will I be paid and what is the commission structure?
A2. We pay our Master Distributors monthly via direct deposit, PayPal or check within 10 days of the end of current month.  The commission structure is determined by brand, item and packaging. Commission is determined using the Master Distributor Pricing 2009 and is based on 2009 MSRP prices.

Q3. How much can I earn?
A3. How much you earn is based purely on how much you sell and how well you hit our performance goals.  On average, a case of Ultima product sells for $170 at wholesale.  That means your average commission per case will be around $25.  Sell 100 cases per month and you'll pull in a cool $2,500.  At 250 case, you're making $6,250 per month.  How easy is it to make these numbers?  It's very easy when you realize that the average car dealer parts counter will buy 10 to 20 cases of product a month.  How many car dealers are in your area? 

Q4. Do I have to buy anything?  What's the catch?
A4. You will be required to purchase your up to $500 per brand at partner pricing discount levels..  You will receive all marketing and sales tools needed to sell locally. All sales and marketing tools are available for download and print by partners.

Q5. Can I sell Premium Finish Care brands in my own web store?
A5. Yes, but this will be as an e-retailer. You purchase products at your discount level and resell them on your site. You cannot earn commission for any products sold on your site.

Q6. If I represent another car care product, can I become an Authorized Master Distributor?
A6. Our international Master Distributors can sell competing brands. Our USA based Master Distributors cannot sell competing brands. Our Master Distributor agreement strictly prohibits selling competing products. Authorized Distributor, reseller, retailer or jobber can sell any brand they determine they wish to carry in stock.