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Sonus Paintwork Cleanser Prewax Polish 8 oz.

Sonus Paintwork Cleanser Prewax Polish 8 oz.

Item #SONUS-4008

A premium paint cleaner and ultra-finepolish for use by hand or machine:

  • Works with the Porter Cable 7424 XP to maintain like-new paint!
  • Works fast! Easy on, easy off!
  • Very gentle... 100% clear coat safe!
Cleans and polishes paint, removing water spots, fine swirl marks and scratches! Treat your paint to a sensational high gloss finish with Sonus Paintwork Cleanser!

Sonus Paintwork Cleanser is an ultra fine pre-wax cleaner and polish for the regular care and enhancement of paint in perfect or near perfect condition. Use prior to waxing to remove light oxidation, road grime and fine swirl marks on all paint finishes, including clear coats.

  1. Maintains a crystal clear clearcoat!
  2. Non-abrasive
  3. Makes waxing easier!
Regular use by hand or dual-action polisher enhances gloss and depth of shine. Follow immediately with your favorite carnauba or synthetic wax.

For best results, use Sonus Block Detailing Clay prior to polishing to remove heavy paint contaminates or Sonus SFX Ultra-Fine Detailing Clay to remove light contamination. Always polish in a shaded area.Wash and dry your car. Shake bottle well for 10 seconds. Do not apply to a hot surface. Use a fine foam or microfiber applicator to apply, buffing evenly into the paint one panel at a time. May also be applied by orbital polisher using a foam polish pad. Remove polish residue with a Sonus Der Wunder Buffing Towel or a Sonus DAS Buffing Bonnet.

8 oz. Bottle.

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