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Four Star Ultimate Leather Conditioner

Four Star Ultimate Leather Conditioner

Item #FS-ULC16

Boosted With Polycharger™

Ultimate Leather Conditioner will ensure you'll have soft, supple and beautiful-looking leather for years!

You paid a premium price for your car's leather interior. Doesn't it deserve the very best in leather care and conditioning?

Four Star Ultimate Leather Conditioner is a lavish conditioning lotion that nourishes all automotive leathers, creating a rich-looking, silky smooth finish. This water based formula contains lanolin and polymers, ingredients that are both safe and good for your leather. Ultimate Leather Conditioner restores the essential moisture required to maintain vibrant, healthy leather upholstery.

Four Star Ultimate Leather Conditioner preserves and protects leather from the drying, cracking and hardening that occurs naturally with age. Regular use of Ultimate Leather Conditioner infuses leather with the proper hydration needed to keep it leather soft, supple and luxurious.

If you like the smell of new leather, you will love Ultimate Leather Conditioner. The water based formula leaves behind a warm, natural leather aroma. Plus, the Four Star Ultimate Leather Conditioner formula contains the latest in UV protection to prevent sun damage, fading and other signs of age.

Natural, moisturizing and protective ingredients... nothing is better for your leather! With regular use, Ultimate Leather Conditioner will help your leather endure!

16 oz bottle.

Made in the USA

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