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Four Star Ultimate Wheel Cleaner Gel

Four Star Ultimate Wheel Cleaner Gel

Item #FS-UWCG18

Ultimate Wheel Cleaner Gel is a water-based cleaner that safely cleans all types of tires and wheels!

Ultimate Wheel Cleaner Gel is an advanced, state-of-the-art wheel cleaner designed to properly clean all wheel finishes. Using breakthroughs in non-ionic surfactant technology, Ultimate Wheel Cleaner Gel safely cleans tires and all types of wheels including factory clear coated, painted, polished, chromed, aluminum and anodized.

The active ingredient in this Ultimate Wheel Cleaner Gel replaces the harsh acids and butyl ether found in most tire and wheel cleaning products made in the USA. While are effective cleaners, they are also very harsh on skin and soft metals, like aluminum. These chemical are also known to cause respiratory distress when inhaled and are unfriendly to our environment. The new ingredient in Ultimate Wheel Cleaner Gel is the state-of-the-art in non-butyl cleaning technology, and meets California's strict environmental safety standards.

This is not a spray-on, hose-off cleaner. All spray-on, hose-off cleaners are harsh and unsafe. Ultimate Wheel

Cleaner Gel requires some agitation from a sponge or brush to break the bond between the brake dust and the wheel. With Ultimate Wheel Cleaner Gel, a light brushing is usually all it takes to remove even caked on brake dust and road grime.

Ultimate Wheel Cleaner Gel is a safe and effective tire cleaner, too! Now there's no need to buy one cleaner for tires and another for your wheels. Ultimate Wheel Cleaner Gel does both!

18 oz. bottle

Made in the USA

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